Room By Room: How Custom Cabinetry Upgrades Your Home Renovation.

Anytime you commit to a home renovation, you’re saying “I want to live here, but something’s got to change!” When you start to think through what will change, it’s worth considering that you can upgrade aspects of each room in the house with custom cabinetry. Want some inspiration? Visit our gallery.

Here’s a quick list of questions to ask when planning a home renovation:

1. Where will a cabinet make an impact as an accent?
Custom Mudrooms pack a lot of punch!

2. How would displaying my books and collectibles on a built-in bookshelf upgrade this room?
Custom Home Office cabinetry gets you organized in style.

3. Am I ready for a custom library to get exactly what I want from this spare room?
Custom Library cabinetry transforms living space into a tranquil reading room you can relax in to take many literary adventures.

4. Would a custom wooden desk fit the space better than what I have?
Custom Office Cabinetry really makes a big impact because of how well it fits into the décor and space.

5. What if I stored my games in a custom cabinet in the living room?
Custom Living Space maximizes the space you actually use in your home.

6. How much will updated vanities in the bathrooms increase our overall enjoyment of using them?
Bath Design and Custom Bath cabinetry allow for creative storage and decrease in clutter.

7. What are the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets?
Kitchen Design matches Custom Kitchen cabinetry to your exact needs, maximizing your useable space.

8. What are some accent pieces that could really improve the look in here? 

Well, anything! Completely Custom Project Builds are a way to get exactly the look you want.

  • Furniture (tables, desks, closets, etc.)
  • Bar
  • Bookshelves
  • Room dividers
  • Hope chest
  • Medal holder for veterans
  • Custom pet furniture
  • Custom Signs

Don’t forget about the simple pleasure of custom cabinetry that is professionally delivered and Installed. The best home renovation offers comprehensive coordination among the contractors required to get the job done. Ask about the warranty, too!

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