Mill Cabinet Shop Houses Your Local Specialty Wood Craftsmen.

Since 1959, Mill Cabinet Shop has served the Valley’s custom woodworking needs from one generation to the next. We greatly value the relationships we have built over the years and are grateful for the continued opportunity to do what we love: create custom woodwork products. We design and build custom projects as directed.

If Your Idea Is For A Product Made Of Wood, Give Us A Call!

We take great care to bring your idea to life. Our process begins with listening to what you have in mind. We make any site visits necessary to determine parameters of what you want us to build. You are also welcome to visit our Bridgewater, Virginia, office and production shop to talk through your ideas with one of our woodworking professionals and see samples of our work. View our gallery for a sense of the quality and styles of our products.

Get Just What You Want With Custom Design, Build, And Installation.

When you are ready for fine woodwork in a special project, gift, collectible, or functional high-quality piece of furniture, Mill Cabinet Shop is here to make it a reality. Custom woodwork allows you the creativity and flexibility to get exactly what you want versus a customizable option that adapts an existing product to new specifications. Check out our FAQs for useful information about our most frequently asked questions or give us a call at 540-828-6763 to discuss your project.

We Price And Produce A Project Timeline According To The Scope, Materials, and Time Of Your Project.

Price and timeline are hard to say before we know what your project entails. When we discuss the parameters of your project with you, we can give you a better idea of the specifics you can expect with us.

Call Us For Questions Or Get A Free Custom Woodwork Estimate!