Our Custom Kitchen Design Delivers Beautiful And Functional Cabinetry.

Our process starts with our expert designers listening to your vision for your kitchen. We look at construction plans or walk through your space with you to get a sense of the construction. We then apply expert kitchen design principles to our creative process which allows for maximum custom innovation. Our goal is to provide a functional showpiece for your home that supports the flow and use of your kitchen with top-quality hand-crafted cabinetry. Read more about the Mill Cabinet Shop difference.

Mill Cabinet Shop’s Deep Experience Offers Useful Tips And Best Practices In Kitchen Design.

When Mill Cabinet Shop opened in 1959, a simmering passion for woodwork was given an outlet to grow all these years. We put that deep experience to work in our kitchen cabinetry designs. Our designers invite you to visit our Bridgewater, Virginia, office and production shop where we can show you examples of work we’ve done as well as let you touch and see cabinet styles and colors.

Creativity Abounds With Custom Cabinetry.

They sky is the limit to our creativity, with completely custom cabinet design versus prefabricated cabinets. In remodels, we tape off the design to give you a greater sense of how the kitchen will function. You have a clear line of communication to tweak and change the design before we build. Unique features and storage solutions give your kitchen design character and add function to your personal style.

On-Site Building From Scratch Coupled With Professional Installation Guarantees The Quality We Are Known For.

We start from scratch with each and every piece, allowing you the creative power of your imagination. We take great pride in well-constructed custom wooden cabinetry built in our production shop from domestic hardwoods. Our professional installation activates our warranty, and our long history of service to the Valley means we plan to be here for any future needs you may have.

Comprehensive Service Includes Connecting You To Local Craftsmen.

We are connected to local craftsmen who are available to support your decision making process for countertop material, hardware, and appliances. We coordinate installation with HVAC, plumbing, and electrical professionals, taking the headache out of it for you.

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