Custom Cabinetry Vs. Customizable Prefabricated Cabinets.

When planning a kitchen, bath, home, or office remodel or new construction, you have the choice to use custom cabinetry or customizable prefabricated cabinets. At Mill Cabinet Shop, we find it useful to emphasize the distinction between products. Check out our handy table to compare products side by side.

Custom CabinetryCustomizable Prefabricated Cabinets
Limitless options, style, colors, and featuresChoices must fit within predetermined set of options
Hand built to your style and specificationsMass production of standard sizes
Top quality craftsmanshipAs good as assembled
Durable for generationsLimited durability
Local woodworkers Regularly imported
Designed to fit your visionSelection from existing designs
Price determined by time spent, materials used, and scope of projectPrice determined by scope of project and available selections
Materials are taxed, but not labor.Build and materials are taxable.

Consider Your Project’s End Goals.

In the remodel or construction process, your end goal is often the driving force behind the decisions made to achieve the look you want. When you want a long-lasting, durable construction, custom cabinetry allows you to appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and endless options, styles, colors, and features. For a shorter-term solution, customizable pre-fabricated cabinetry gets the job done. Weigh what you may sacrifice in options using prefabricated cabinets to what you would gain with the quicker solution. Always consider how you value durability, style, and craftsmanship.

Hand-Built Custom Cabinetry Takes Time Whereas Customizable Prefabricated Cabinets Come Ready To Install Off The Shelf.

Customizable prefabricated cabinets give you a limited selection of alterations to existing stock cabinets. Custom cabinetry is designed to suit your exact needs and then built from scratch to fit your home or office.

How Standard Are The Features And Options You Want?

If your desired features are relatively standard and fit into stock sizes, then customizable prefabricated cabinets may suit your needs. If you have a vision of unique features or ideas about how you want your cabinetry to fit together or into the space, custom cabinetry may be a better solution.

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