Rocky Shull


Lee Stover remembers the beginning of Rocky Shull’s career with Mill Cabinet Shop well. “Back in 1983, I looked up from my bench to see a familiar face grinning at me as he followed my dad through the shop. If you had told me that day that Rocky would become the master of the trade he is today, I may have had my doubts. Not anymore.”

When Rocky came to work here he was 18 with great promise and potential. He values the lessons he learned from those around him. Laughing, he recalls Harry teaching him to run the lathe, showing confidence in Rocky using very hands on methods to cultivate his talent. In turn, Rocky has passed on his lessons in a style much the same as Harry. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to learn something from Rocky can attest to his ability to explain clearly, instill confidence and create opportunities to learn.

Rocky’s favorite work to do is anything that takes just a bit more finesse; arches, circles, interesting and unique pieces. His favorite way to relax is hunting, fishing and traveling to Nags Head for vacation.