Sam Sponaugle


Sam Sponaugle started at Mill Cabinet Shop October 15, 1984. With 16 years of experience in construction, he joined the team as lead installer. During his years in installing, he also worked throughout the shop deepening his knowledge of the trade. Following shortly after the devastating fire and the restoration of the shop, Sam moved into a new role. Eager to learn and grow, he went to Blue Ridge and took computer classes. He credits Pat and Randy with teaching him the finer points of the CAD system.

“Sam has a unique insight into design as a result of his many years in installation. He is able to anticipate special considerations a job may require and meet those needs in advance creating a smooth design and build process,” commented Randy Stover.

Sam’s favorite part of working at Mill Cabinet Shop is “meeting new people and helping people design kitchens.” Indeed, any client who works with him can be sure he will take a personal interest in their tastes and preferences and invest time into their dream. He treats the design process as much as an exercise in the client’s self expression as an opportunity to create a masterful end product.

When he’s not in the office he is enjoying nature, hunting or farming. He has also served as the pastor at Elkton Church of God since 1986. He has a wife, two married daughters and two grandchildren.